Dove Siamo

The Azienda Agricola Verni Gabriella is located in Livelli, a small villane with medieval origins. In that period the town was part of the domains of the Malaspina of Oramala family. Afterwards Livelli got unde the control of the Doria Prince of Genova.
The name "Livelli" gets its origins from "livello", a medieval farming contract that allowed the farmer to work a piece of land with paying a reduced rent or even no rent at all to be paid, fot a time period between of 19 or 29 years.
The area originally was under this ocntract and eventually inheritaded its name.

Weather condition are on the average very good, so that it is even possibile to see on the top part of the villane seeral olives tree.

The position is strategic, closet o the A21 motorway (Torino – Brescia) and to the A7 (Milano – Genova).
Fraom the Azienda Agricola Verni Gabriella you'll be able to visit easily all the Oltrpò area; within a short drive you can get even to Monte Penice, well known destination for the multiple activities it offers.