Food and Beverage

If you choose our apartments to spend your holidays, on top of being in full contact with an enchanting nature, you’ll be able to live some exciting food&beverage experiences!

The 3 products the area is very well-known for are:

Very close to Azienda Agricola Verni Gabriella you will discover some “mam&pap shop” where to taste the typical and very well known salami of Varzi.

It is a DOP (protected designation of origin) product, therefore its quality and characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to this geographical environment.
The origins of Varzi’s salami go back to the 600 AC during the Longobard’s

By the way, it’s proven the Marquises Malaspina use to provide to their guests an exquisite product…. Varzi’s salami.

The Oltrepò Pavese area is very well known also for its wine production.
In particularly, the Bonarda is DOC,
Denomination of Controlled Origin, wine. This means it 'a nationally recognized brand in all products belonging to a particular area and obtained through the use of local raw materials.

Eyesight: Deep ruby ​​color with violet hues, brilliant

Sense of smell:
fine, intense, frank, penetrating and vinous clear cadences fruity cherry and blackberry

Taste: there is a particular balance between the sensations of dry and round

How to serve it: at room temperature, the sparkling version in the summer is even tasted fresh.

Serve with: pasta with meat sauce and mushrooms, pappardelle with hare or boar sauce, risotto Lomellina, agnolotti with braised sauce, sausage and salami, ripe cheeses, meats and meat flavored.

Even though Bonarda is the most recognized wine of the area, you’ll be able to taste also some nice Pinot Nero (white, red and roseé), Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Riesling, Chardonnay, Buttafuoco, Barbera, Cortese, Sauvignon, Buttafuoco and Cabernet.

Delicacy internationally known, truffles can be found in the Oltrepò area in both their version: white & black.
You can taste them with pasta or eggs, or still, flavour warm and crispy

It doesn’t matter the way you’ll taste them, it is going to be an unforgettable experience


The Oltrepò area is known for another natural excellence: Porcini mashrooms.

There are several paths where to walk hunting these exquisite products.

As for the truffles, you’ll be able to taste them with different dishes of the local cuisine; among others, the very well known risotto ai porcini”.